Neuriplege Activ cream Arnica + 75ml

Cream + arnica tube 75 ml to relieve slight bruises
Manufacturer: Genevrier


SKU 7146675 Neuriplege Activ cream + Arnica

Juniper, originally from cream + arnica laboratories, have genuine expertise in the field of trauma. Its action is particularly effective because it combines the arnica, harpagophytum, and shea butter, well known elements for their properties soulagentes on bruises.

operating tips:

Sanareva pharmacists advise you to massage the area concerned until the cream is absorbed by your skin slightly.

some precautions to take:

This cream is not suitable to relieve the following areas:

  • the face,
  • eyes,
  • mucous membranes,
  • irritated, skin
  • internal areas.

We also discourage use Neuriplge Activ arnica + if you are pregnant.

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