NetLine wax warm 250ml East

Formula 100% natural

Manufacturer: Netline

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SKU: 7325716 NetLine wax Eastern has warm 250 ml

Properties: the orient book us one of her beauty secrets, its wax sugar, procedure of waxing known and recognised for centuries. The softness of 100% wax natural recatulaisee for women of today ' today. Practice: wax simply warms in the microwave or water bath. Natural: 100% natural, any traces left on the skin can be removed to the water warm. ultra-gentle: eastern wax allows the removal of the most sensitive areas of the face and the body. operating tips : whatever the type of heating, the pot must be heated open. Well to control my wax temperature using the temperature indicator integrated into the spatula. once the suitable temperature, begin by applying directly on the skin the hot wax hair removal. Place the strips on wax then remove a dry cut in the opposite direction of the hair growth.