Nestl Optifibre bags 16 x 5g

Caring for your transit

Manufacturer: Nestlé

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SKU: 3521237 Nestl Optifibre Sachets 16 X 5G


You may be, as 1 woman on 4 regularly affected by transit problems. Your fiber diet no longer enough. You have already tried a lot of solutions without being totally satisfied, for multiple reasons: taste, side effects, results... OptiFibre has been designed to bring you an innovative and effective response.

directions for use:

Mixes easily with the products of daily life such as tea, juice of fruit, coffee, yogurt, applesauce or mashed.


Guar gum fiber: essential Element of OptiFibre , it comes from the seed of a legume grown in Africa and India: Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. Hydrolyzed chrysotile has been selected for its remarkable properties, revealed by the Nestl Health Science research.


16 5 g sachets