Nestlé Clinutren Fruit Apple 4 x 200ml

liquid high protein to Apple in the case of undernutrition.

Manufacturer: Nestlé

SKU: 4643657

Nestl Clinutren Fruit Apple 4 x 200 ml

Nestl develops nutritional products scientifically developed to respond to the needs of each individual and thus to improve the nutritional status of people undernourished.


Malnutrition appears when dietary intakes are not sufficient to cover the needs of the organization. It is a more common situation that we imagine. It is often indicated by weight loss.

This is why Nestl laboratory has innovated a new range of products: Clinutren, adapted in the case of undernutrition.

Clinutren Fruit is a range particularly suitable for persons with a preference for non-lactes products. Clinutren Fruit Apple is a non-milk drink with Apple.

Is a liquid fruity high calorie and normoproteine which thus brings to all undernourished people needs to the Agency at any time of the day.

Nestl Clinutren Fruit Apple operating tips:

drink chilled preferably and slowly enjoy.

shake before use.

drink 1 to 3 Clinutren Fruit per day in complementation of food.


do not use as sole source of nutrition.

bottle not microwavable.

lactose-free, gluten-free, fat-free.