Navi Blef foam for eyelids 50ml

Foam for cleaning of the secretions of the eye at the level of the eyelids and eyelashes
Manufacturer: Densmore
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SKU: 9739793 Navi Blef foam for eyelids 50 ml

Overview : Foam allowing the mechanical elimination of ocular secretions at the level of the eyelids and eyelashes, present in inflammatory states in case of blepharitis and conjunctivitis ulceration or after surgery eyepiece. instruction manual : 1 - wash the hands thoroughly before use and clean the tips of the fingers with NAVI BLEF 2 - press the pump of the bottle and put the foam on the own fingertips. If you use before or after eye surgery, it is recommended to put the foam on gauze sterile. 3 - close your eyes and massaged the eyelids and eyelashes with foam NAVI BLEF. Do not touch or open the eyes during application. Leave the foam on the eyelids 60 to 80 seconds for a better efficiency. 4 - after each use rinse the eyelashes and eyelids with warm water, avoiding any type of solution.