Naturesystem belly flat 150 capsules

Naturesystem: flat belly you help to keep the line.
Manufacturer: NatureSystem
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SKU 6170401 Naturesystem belly flat 150 capsules


Naturesystem developed for your digestive well-being and keep a belly plate.
these capsules contain fucus, anise and the clay.
clay has been selected for its high adsorption.
anise and fucus facilitate the digestion.
after a hearty meal, flip belly dish.
3 softgels provide 432 mg of clay , 540 mg of fucus and 252 mg of anise green.

Naturesystem flat belly tips:

take 3 capsules per day with a large glass of water at the time of the meal.


Powders of: fucus 29.8% (thallus), 23.8% montmorillonite clay and aniseed 13.9% (seed) - corn starch - capsule of plant origin (cellulose derivative: E464).

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