Natural Nutrition Spirulina Phycospir 500mg 500 tablets

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Supplement food source of vegetable protein (greater than 60%) of amino acids essential and non essential, antioxidants, iron, calcium, etc.

Manufacturer: Natural Nutrition

SKU: 9974035 natural Nutrition Spirulina Phycospir 500 mg 500 tablets


The spirulina Phycospir is for the whole family, it is a micro-algae of spiral shape which will bring nutrients missing an unbalanced diet


Spirulina Phycospir provides the nutrients missing an unbalanced diet (seniors, diets, "junk food"...) For women, spirulina allows supply of iron and vitamin D, in order to make the beauty to hair and nails. Cultivated e rules organic agriculture

tips to use:

to take with a glass of water, preferably in the morning


4 tablets per day, and up to 10 divided into multiple outlets for great fatigue, convalescence or competition


100% Spirulina BIO Arthrospira Platensis. The Phycospir Spirulina is subjected to a quality control very strict in order to guarantee a more qualitative product. Grown in strictly controlled quality freshwater. Dried at low temperatures-> concentration of vitamins. High phycocynanins, specific pigments of spirulina: + 15%. Certified according to the specification Naturland for the production and control of microalgae to organic aquaculture. It is produced without adding herbicide or pesticide, non-GMO and suffered no radiation. It contains no additives or of bonding agent. Controlled by Ecocert according to the repository of ecological production for micro-algae of freshwater. Halal, hide.


Box of 500 tablets



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B. Philippe
  the 05/04/2018
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Packaging plastique, dommage car le produit est de qualité
L. Marie-francoise
  the 17/09/2017
5/ 5
A. Jocelyne
  the 07/09/2017
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D. Etelvina
  the 14/07/2017
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Bon produit mais trop cher
P. Martine
  the 14/06/2017
5/ 5
très bon produit