Natural Nutrition CystElim 30 Capsules

Dietary supplement to limit transient or recurrent urinary infections.

Manufacturer: Natural Nutrition

SKU: 9974014


Cystelim helps fight against transient urinary tract infections and urinary discomfort such as burning and tingling.


Cystelim works to improve urinary comfort. Its cranberry-based formula delivers a daily amount 36mg of of type A Proanthocyanidins that reduce the frequency of certain e. coli urinary tract infections. Hibiscus contains polyphenols with anti-microbial properties with diuretic and soothing effect. Zinc helps in having a normal acid-base metabolism to maintain a healthy urinary tract pH level.


Take with a glass of water during meals.


1 capsule, morning and evening.


Cranberry extract of Vaccinium Macrocarpon titrated at 10% of pro-anthocyanidins, Hibiscus flower extract titrated at 20%, Heather extract (Erica cinerea), Zind sulphate. Food additives: Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.Support extracts: wheat maltodextrin. Vegetable envelope of the capsule: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.


30 organic capsules.