Naturado clay green Montmorillonite 2.5 kg bucket

SKU: 2073103


Montmorillonite Green Clay is a sedimentary clay naturally purified, very rich in trace elements and minerals. This wealth provides many properties: detoxifying, absorbent, healing and remineralizing.

Green Clay is recommended in masks for combination skin fat and/or imperfections and in poultices for joint pain, kicks, bumps, insect bites...

Operating tips:

Beauty mask: put a clay volume and one volume of water in a container (non-metallic). Wait 5 minutes before stirring to make a smooth paste. Apply a layer of about 1 cm thick on the slightly damp face. Leave maximum 5 min (clay should not dry) then rinse with clean water.

Other uses / poultices: apply a layer of about 1 cm thick on the area to relieve. Let lay between 30-60 min then rinse in clear water.


Clay green 100% natural Montmorillonite.


Bucket + lid