Naturactive oil diffuser essential volcano

SKU: 9812811 Naturactive oil diffuser essential volcano

Naturactive is a range dedicated to your well-being developed by Pierre Fabre laboratories. Design diffusers that preserve the qualities of essential oils.


The Naturactive volcano diffuser is a 2 in 1 electric diffuser. It has different elements:

  • atmosphere with brightness dimmer lamp
  • air essential oil diffuser nebulizer cold with power control, electronic timer and automatic stop by.

indications Naturactive volcano essential oil diffuser:

nebulization cold process that uses the diffuser volcano Naturactive allows to release the aromatic molecules of essential oils without heating them, keeping intact all their properties and scents.

For a pleasant atmosphere without overload of dissemination of essential oils, two parameters of settings are available:

  • the power to the rear of the product allows you to place the diffuser volcano Naturactive in a room ranging from 20 to 100 m2.
  • The timer function allows you to program a cycle alternating transmission time and pause time 45 min (2 cycles of 15-minute broadcast interrupted by 15 min break between the two cycles).

operating tips:

  • Put about volume one or two tablespoons of oil (s) key (s) in the glassware (observe the safety precautions provided with essential oils). Renew regularly the essential oil, as it can oxidize and thicken.
  • Not to diffuse essential oils continuous (use the programming of cycles system).
  • To optimize the performance of the diffuser, clean regularly (1-2 times per month) glassware friendly essential oils.

contents of the volcano Naturactive essential oil diffuser : 1 nebulizer glass, 1 wooden base, 1 silent plug, 1 bell glass protection, 1 power adapter, 1 instruction manual