Naturactive Mate 30 capsules

mate helps the weight as part of a slimming diet control.
Manufacturer: NaturActive Pierre Fabre
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Naturactive laboratory offers the Naturactive range for maintaining your good health based on your needs.


Mate helps control weight, while preserving the vitality. The mate is firstly a tree, 4-10 m tall, grown since the 16th century in its country of origin, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The same name refers to the traditional tonic beverage obtained by infusion of the leaves, which plays an important role in the social life of these countries.
the yerba mate contains caffeine which implies its use as a tonic in case of fatigue. In addition, it facilitates the control of the weight in addition to dietary measures.

operating tips:

Take 1 capsule morning and noon (either 400 mg of extract of mate per day) with a full glass of water.
this food supplement should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and as part of a lifestyle. healthy
Meet recommended daily doses.


Latin name: Ilex paraguariensis A.. St-Hil.
part used: leaf

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