Naturactive Irisea Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser, ultrasonic and light diffusion for optimal relaxation. EU plug.

Manufacturer: Naturactive

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SKU: 4025936 Naturactive Irisea essential oil diffuser

The laboratory Pierre Fabre has developed the Naturactive range, it offers design diffusers that preserve the qualities of essential oils for your well-being.


Electric diffuser 3 in 1 Naturactive:

  • Lamp ambience with choice of color or color dimmer
  • diffuser air of essential oils by nebulization cold with automatic shut-off
  • humidifier by the diffusion of fine water droplets.

Discreet lapping of water for optimal relaxation. For a room of 30 m 2. Compatible USB Port and industry.

information Naturactive Irisea diffuser:

Nebulizer cold process that uses the Naturactive diffuser allows to release the aromatic molecules of essential oils without heating them, keeping intact all their properties and scents.

operating tips:

Put the necessary volume of water in the water tank and then add 4 drops of essential oil or oil complex essential.

  • Not to diffuse essential oils continuous (use the programming of cycles system).
  • To optimize the performance of the diffuser, clean regularly (1-2 times per month) glassware friendly essential oils.

Contents of the essential oil diffuser Irisea : 1 nebulizer plastic, 1 base in wood with a bowl and lid, 1 power adapter, 1 USB cable, 1 instruction manual