Naturactive fluid slimming taste citrus 15 sticks

SKU: 6134434 Naturactive slimming taste citrus 15 sticks


Elusanes slimming contains Elusanes slimming contains extracts of green tea, Orange bitter and Hibiscus that help refine the silhouette.

  • The green tea is known to intervene on lipid metabolism. He is also known for promoting renal excretion of water.
  • Bitter Orange bark contribute to lipid degradation.
  • The flowers of Hibiscus promote renal excretion of water and bring a nice, tangy flavor.

operating tips:

The morning, dilute the contents of a bag-stick in a large glass of water. Take daily for 15 days. A renew if necessary. Taste citrus - without alcohol. for adults (from 15 years). Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. this food supplement should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and as part of a lifestyle. healthy