Naturactive - Fluid - Detox lemon taste 15 Sticks + slimming taste agrumes15 Sticks

SKU: 2633407 Naturactive Detox 15 Sticks lemon flavour + slimming 15 Sticks taste citrus

Naturactive Detox taste lemon 15 sticks


Naturactive is a range of laboratory Pierre Fabre, these experts are developing the high quality products for your well-being and your comfort.

Naturactive Dtox is based on extracts of birch, of dandelions and cherry tails. Extracts of birch and dandelion contribute to the normal functioning of the mechanisms for the elimination of the body. Tails of cherry extract is traditionally used to maintain the proper functioning of the urinary system.


Food supplement made from natural extracts.

operating tips

Every morning, dilute the contents of a stick in a large glass of water. Do a 15 days. A renew if necessary.

Lemon taste - without alcohol. Reserved for adults (from 15 years).


For a stick: purified water; extract of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale GHW), acidifier: acid citric; extracted from Birch (Betula pendula Roth); extracted from stem of cherries (Prunus avium l.); natural flavour lemon; conservative: sodium benzoate, potassium; sweetener sorbate: steviol glycosides.

Naturactive slimming taste citrus 15 sticks:


Slimming Stick to taste citrus is a dietary supplement green tea and hibiscus recognized for promoting renal excretion of water.

100% vegetal green tea and hibiscus extracts.

  • Conribue green tea weight and fat metabolism control.

  • Hibiscus and green tea helps promote renal excretion of water.


dietary supplement with natural extracts.

Tips for using

it is recommended a grip the morning, dilute the contents of a bag-stick in a large glass of water. Do a 15 days.

A renew if necessary. Reserved for adults. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.


for 1 stick: dry green tea extract (100 mg), extract dry hibiscus on maltodextrin (100 mg), acidifier (citric acid), flavouring grapefruit and lemon, sweeteners (acesulfame potassium, sodium saccharin), preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassiulm sorbate).