Nasrat Form Snack Time cookies Cranberry and pomegranate

Cookies Cranberry and pomegranate for your small hungers.
Manufacturer: Siken Form


SKU 5710817 Siken Form Snack Time Biscuits Cranberry Et Grenade


These cookies cranberry and pomegranate are original and tasty snacks for sweet snack cravings.

directions for use:

Eat at any time of the day, in the case of munchies.

Maintain a consumption sufficient water throughout the day (between 1.5 l and 2 l).


Rich in fibres, with sugars and sweeteners.

Antioxidant effect.

4 cookies of 10g per box.

The energy value of this product is 170 kcal/bar and 4.8 g fiber.


4 cookies of 10 g per box

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