Nasrat Form drink cocoa in milk bottles 2 x 235ml

snack diet milk cocoa ready for lunch or afternoon snack.
Manufacturer: Siken Form


SKU 5710686 Nasrat drink cocoa in milk bottles 2 x 235 ml


Cocoa milk drink is a ready to use dietary snack. It is rich in proteins, impoverished in lipids and sugars and it contains sweeteners.

It is produced according to the method dietline. That is, that you lose weight by reducing your body fat without losing muscle mass. Thus, you will gradually take good eating habits, but in addition, this regime will be for you a pleasure.

You enjoy a moment of freshness for lunch and snack thanks to this mix cocoa and milk.

Tips for using Nasrat drink cocoa with milk:

Shake the drink prior to use. You can put the preparation a few minutes in the refrigerator then taste.


A store in a cool and dry.

After opening, consume immediately.

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