Nasrat Diet drink cocoa powder x 7 bags (168g)

SKU: 6335138 Nasrat Diet drink cocoa powder x 7 bags (168 g)


Laboratory Nasrat developed specially for you the drink cocoa powder for your cravings for chocolate at breakfast.

This diet drink will give you a daily breakfast rich in protein and low in calories, ideal for gourmets.

Thus, this beverage can replace protein foods such as meat, fish, and eggs.

You lose weight with pleasure and maintain your line.

Tips for using Nasrat Diet drink cocoa powder:

Pour the contents of one sachet into a container, then add 150 to 200 ml of cold water. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous preparation. Then, heat 1 minute in the microwave to 650 W. This drink may also be enjoyed cold


to use as part of a diet associated with traditional foods.

Not recommended for children, pregnant women and the elderly.