Nasrat Diet drink cocoa 400g

Beverage high protein drink with the taste of cocoa.

Manufacturer: Siken Form

SKU: 5710438 Nasrat Diet drink cocoa 400 G


A breakfast rich in protein and low in calories, ideal for gourmets.

Rich in proteins, impoverished sugar.

The energy value is 83kcal per dose, 15 grams of protein.

Board of use:

pour the contents of one sachet into a container, then add 150 to 200 ml of cold water.

Mix well to obtain a homogeneous preparation.

Then, heat 1 minute in the microwave to 650 W.

This drink may also be enjoyed cold.


Milk protein, powder cocoa skinny (20%), oligofructose, flavourings, salt, thickening agents (guar gum and xanthan gum), colour: natural caramel, sweeteners: acesulfame potassium and sodium cyclamate, anti-caking agent.


400g jar.