Nailner pen Stop nails damaged by fungal 4ml

Revolution in the treatment of nails damaged by fungal Onychomycosis.

Manufacturer: Novodex

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SKU: 5203759 Nailner Stop nails damaged by fungal 4ml


Consequences of the Onychomycosis, the edges of the nail fungus treatment.


Once installed under the nail, dermatophytes (fungi) feed on keratin which is the structure of the nail.

Without treatment, pathology degenerates, the nail will gradually change d ' appearance: white spots appear, the nail turns yellow, thickens, crumbles.

Nailner Stop nail munged by fungal infections penetrate the nail and creates unfavourable to the development of the dermatophytes. Dermatophytes are going to disappear.

The result is visible from the nail regrowth:

The nail that repels will be healthy, it will regain its original appearance to measure of the growth cycle of the nail (average growth of a toenail: 1.5 mm / month)

It is therefore important to begin treatment as soon as the first symptoms, with a limited deteriorated surface: treatment will be shorter, and the nail will more quickly find its original aesthetic appearance.

Tips: cut your nail with a nail over regrowth

Solution Nailner Stop nail munged by Mycosis is a patented asset innovation which creates unfavourable to dermatophytes. Dermatophytes will disappear.

operating tips:

Quick and simple application

The pen-Precision is extremely practical and easy to use.

To use to treat all of the nail affected by a fungal infection.

Apply on the entire surface of the damaged nail.


Before each use, clean the nail (remove varnish if there is).

With the pen-Precision, 2 applications per day during 3-4 weeks. Then 1 application per day during the entire cycle of nail growth.

Drying in 1-2 minutes, you can put you immediately after.

(vous pouvez appliquer nouveau votre vernis ongles habituel, il faut nanmoins penser retirer votre vernis avant chaque utilisation).

Well close the pen-Precision after use.

Cut the nail as soon as it repels with a nail.

A single Precision stylus allows up to 300 applications.


Exclusively for external use.

Avoid contact with eyes.

In the case of allergies, stop using the product.

Store at room temperature.

Keep out of reach of children.

Always close the pen-Precision after use.

If you don't have a visible results from the regrowth of the nail (after about 1 month of treatment), see your doctor.


Ethyl Lactate, lactic acid, Callitris Intratropica, Lavandula Angustifolia, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Aqua, Limonene, Geraniol and Linalool