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Mustela Stelatria Gel washing protector 150ml

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SKU 7677361 Mustela Stelatria Gel washing protector 150ml


Specific hygiene of skin irritations such as chapping, Pityriasis, rashes type varicella. Mild, non-drying and with a pH value, it is used also for daily intimate hygiene including irritations (girl and boy). Face, body, and hygiene. Infant, baby and children. Properties:

STELATRIA Gel washing soothes, purifies and protects the skin irritated and intimate areas for which it is specifically adapted:

-its soft ultra cleansing agents of natural origin, clean smooth, without drying out the skin and mucous membranes.

- Its complex trace element sanitizes help to limit microbial growth.

-BioEcolia, patented active ingredient of natural origin, participates to the maintains protective skin flora real natural defence barrier.

-Its formula enriched with Aloe vera soothes and softens the skin. irritated Areas, off mucous, the complementary action of STELATRIA CREAM RESTORATIVE sanitizer will promote an epidermal repair quality. Council of use:

Everyday use on areas irritated facial and body or for personal hygiene. Rinse with clean water and dry carefully. packaging:

Tube 150 ml

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