Mustela Stelatria cream restorative Sanitizer 40 ml

SKU: 4893638 Mustela Stelatria cream restorative Sanitizer 40 ml

description : likely to fester localized redness and irritation. (Face and body) :-assaults linked to external agents; irritation of the contour of the mouth, lips, inch, chapping, Pityriasis, irritation of the folds (neck, ears...) -small trends. atopic skin dry plates -Suites of superficial skin defects (small sores, scratches, traces of chicken pox, Sting insects...) Properties : STELATRIA cream effectively repairs the irritated :-its oligo elements complex accelerates skin repair by stimulating the cell renewal -sanitizes its formula to help limit the spread microbial. -his patented natural origin, BioEcolia, participates to the maintains flora skin protector. -its long lasting moisturizing formula is non-occlusive. It soothes and reduces the sensations of itch and tightness while leaving a protective film. The skin regains flexibility, comfort and balance. Skin marks are faded. tips to use: Application 2-3 times per day on the irritated area clean and dry. Clean with STELATRIA Gel washing protector. Do not apply on the oozing lesions. On redness of head use STELACTIV care of the skin rash. packaging : 40 ml Tube