Mustela Stelatopia cleansing 400ml cream

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gently cleanses the skin thanks to its base ultra-gentle cleansing SOAP-free.

Manufacturer: Mustela

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SKU: 4496529 Mustela Stelatopia cleansing 400 ml cream indications: gently cleanses the skin thanks to its base ultra-gentle cleansing SOAP. protects and softens the skin by providing agents brightening and anti - drying the sunflower Oleodistillat, which promotes the biosynthesis of lipids failing (Relipidation Active ). soothes feelings of irritation, tugging and scraping through the glycine. high tolerance - without SOAP - fragrance free - formulated without paraben - tested on skin atopic. hypoallergenic , as specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. tested under dermatological control. patented Innovation. operating tips: daily Hygiene for the face and body. Use Stelatopia Cream Cleansing daily bath or shower of your child 4-5 pressure on the pump are enough to clean your child once the toilet is finished, dry your child without the rubbing (in dry it with a towel for example). Then apply Stelatopia Cream Remover in order to restructure and soothe delicate skin. Composition: concentrate of sunflower 2%, 10% Glycine, Triglycerides 5%, 2% Squalane, 3 lipid-keys: Bioceramides III 0.4%, Procholesterol, essential fatty acids, (Palm, sunflower), concentrated (sitosterol-rich) 2% sunflower, sucrose 7%

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A. Anonymous
  the 06/04/2016
5/ 5
Very good for my boys eczema. Cleans nicely but keeps the skin very moisturised. I use it on his body, face, hands and hair so it's very convenient. I also used it to wash my hands and it is much more moisturising than any other hand wash I've ever tried.