MoustiKologne plate anti-mite and bed Anti-Punaises

Plate anti-mite and bed anti-punaise. efficiency proven up to 3 months!
Manufacturer: MoustiKologne


SKU: 2121162 Moustikologne plate anti-mite and bed Anti-Punaises

Combating dust mites, those microscopic enemies, can sometimes be reveal to be a real fight in your room. Moustikologne offers a practical and effective solution to combat these microscopic adversaries.

In only 24 hours get rid of mites and bedbugs for more than 3 months!

operating tips

Sanareva pharmacists advise you to place the plate anti-mite and bed bug between the mattress and the frame of your bed. If you have a 2 bed places, use two plates of Moustikologne under each person. For a more intensive treatment, you can use 4 hotplates.


Do not use the plates Moustikologne for the bed of a child less than 48 months or a pregnant woman.