MoustiKologne High Tolerance cream 40ml

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SKU: 7934987 MoustiKologne High Tolerance cream 40ml

Basis of R35/35, its formula is hypoallergenic * soft and without alcohol. enhanced tolerance allows its use in babies from 6 months and pregnant women.

Spray without gas (75 ml, R35/35 20%), or cream (40 ml, R35/35 12.5%) it protects up to 6 hours against Aedes and 5 hours against the Anopheles mosquito. * formulated to minimize the risk of allergy



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B. Marian
  the 26/04/2019
5/ 5
This one I have used in Ireland during the warm week end we had. I was outdoors and always get bitten but using this product I had no problem.