MoustiKologne anti-itch Batteryless pen

pen gives to relieve stings of mosquitoes and plants (nettles). can be used thousands of times.

Manufacturer: MoustiKologne

SKU: 5160197 Mark Green Moustikologne anti-itch Batteryless pen

Created by a cooperative of pharmacist, "green mark" invites you to discover the pen gives without battery usable more than 20,000 times! Easily transportable, this pen gives is very easy to use and will quickly indispensable during the warm seasons or hiking. No need to think about batteries, there in no need.

operating tips

Sanareva pharmacists advise applying the pen anti-itch Moustikologne immediately after a bite of mosquito or plant. The feeling of appeasement is felt lasting a few minutes after its application.

To use this pen please follow the recommendations below:

  • press the button underneath the pen about 5-10 pressure will be needed to calm itching.
  • for inflammation, 10 to 15 pressures must be practiced. Each time, a slight tingling sensation will be felt.

If you are sensitive, you can divide the number of pressure by 2.


This Moustikologne anti-itch pen is for use with caution. It must not be used for a puncture in a child under 6 years or for a person suffering from heart ailments. Do not use this device for the sensitive parts of your body or your mucous membranes. In order to avoid the development of bacteria, n' don't forget to clean the handle after each use.