Moustifluid wristband repellent


SKU 4065226 Moustifluid wristband repellent


Moustifluid Bracelet repellent repels mosquitoes, by exerting a repulsive action immediately and for a duration of 4 weeks. the bracelet is made of plastic Torrex. It allows to store the active substances to restore them and allow diffusion into the environment. Bracelet to wear ankle or wrist. During the night, you can remove it and ask your bracelet on the table night.

operating Moustifluid Bracelet repellent tips:

wear the wrist strap at the ankle or wrist thanks to its easy attachment. In the event of high exposure, you can wear two bracelets, for a better protection. wearing the bracelet is however not recommended for children under 36 months, pregnant women or in times of allatement, children with a history of convulsion, persons with a history of allergy skin.