Moustidose Repulsive Lotion 50ml infested areas

Moustidose, the mosquito repellent lotion to infested areas.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert

SKU: 4604047 Moustidose repellent Lotion infested areas 50 ml


Gilbert laboratories have developed a mosquito repellent lotion for specially infested and tropical areas.

Highly concentrated DEET, the repulsive lotion infested areas protects you immediately and effectively the mosquito that transmits the chikungunya, malaria, yellow fever or dengue.

This lotion is suitable for adults and children over 30 months. The protection is effective for 7 hours.

application Moustidose repulsive lotion tips:

body, apply the equivalent of 6 sprays for a forearm to 10-15 cm apart. For the face, spray the product previously in the hands and then apply avoiding the contour of the eyes and the mouth. For effective protection, apply the product on all the parts of the skin. Repeat application every 6 h and in the case of intense activity. every 4 h. Renew the application after shower or swimming.