Moustidose Repulsive Lotion 125ml infested areas

Concentrated active DEET formula known for actively repel mosquitoes
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert


SKU 4791719 Moustidose repellent Lotion 125ml infested areas

description :

highly concentrated DEET, the repulsive lotion infested areas protects you immediately and effectively the mosquito that transmits the chikungunya, yellow fever or dengue. In addition, DEET is known for actively repel mosquito vectors of malaria. Lotion is suitable for adults and children older than 30 months.
Protection: 6 hours.


body, apply the equivalent of 6 sprays per forearm 10-15 cm distance.
for the face, spray the product previously in the hand then apply avoiding the contour of the eyes and the mouth.
for effective protection apply the product on all the parts of the skin. Repeat application every 6 h and in the case of intense sporting activity, all 4 h.
Renew the application after shower or bathing.
Confined to 3 times per day.

Diethyltoluamide 30%
Excipients fructose 100%


keep out of reach of children.
do not swallow.
do not use in children with a history of seizures.
do not apply to mucous membranes or skin lesions scopes.
Do not use in pregnant or lactating.
Do not use if history allergic.
Confined to 3 times per day.
Limit use to 1 months.
Do not apply way occlusive.

Precaution of storage:

avoid exposure to heat and light. Maximum recommended storage temperature is 30 c.


bottle spray 125ml.

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