Motima Vivalessence in autumn of 60ml

Vivalessence contains a mixture of essential oil for your well-being according to the seasons.

Manufacturer: Motima

SKU: 7332432 Motima Vivalessence in autumn of 60ml

Motima laboratory offers a range of dietary supplement of natural origin for the ills of daily.


Vivalessence A (fall) helps to address school confidently.

Vivalessence is a combination of essential oils and plants, to the virtues of secular and selected for their specific properties, to maintain the delicate balance of the different functions involved the Organization

composition Vivalessence has Motima:

  • Essential oils of clove
  • mountain savory
  • oregano
  • alcoholic black currant and Ginger extracts

operating tips:

15 day program. Before and after each change of season, take 30-50 drops in a glass of water or fruit juice the morning