Motima Viralgil oils essential 30 ml balm

Viralgil is a balm with essential oils to eliminate buttons of fever and acne.

Manufacturer: Motima

SKU: 7303761 Motima Viralgil oils essential 30 ml balm

Motima laboratory offers a range of dietary supplement of natural origin for the ills of daily.


Skin is the organ of inflammatory or infectious phenomena. Thus, 10 million people would be infected with the herpes virus, of which the most common manifestation is the "fever button". Another widespread phenomenon, acne, which affects primarily adolescents but also the women before menstruation or pregnancy period.

Viralgil cleanses the skin and helps maintain skin balance. Formulated to belong to an association of essential oils from plants.

Indications Viralgil balm with essential oils:

this balm consists:

  • essential oils of plants (lavender, niaouli, wetland, pine eucalyptus, Chamomile, peppermint, cedar, thyme, bay St. Thomas) in antiseptic, disinfectant and hot, properties
  • soothing natural oils (sunflower, olive, St. John's wort).

operating tips:

Apply a DAB of balm on the treatment area, gently and let penetrate.