Motima V-CYST 30 capsules

V - motima CYST prevents urinary genes and their recurrences with the cranberry.
Manufacturer: Motima


SKU 9802600 Motima V-CYST 30 capsules

Motima laboratory offers a range of dietary supplement of natural origin for all the daily headaches.


V-CYST has been developed by the Motima laboratory for avoid urinary genes and their recurrence.

V-CYST is a food supplement in the form of vegetable capsules made from:

  • Cranberry, rich in Proanthocyanidins (Cap) to help limit the establishment of certain bacteria on the walls of the urinary tract
  • 3 probiotic strains further to strengthen the balance of intestinal and vaginal flora
  • dry extracts of plants (complex V-Cystine) aimed at limiting factors related to recurrence, vitamin-C and chromium.

Tips for using V-CYST 30 Capsules:

Flora of urinary tract maintenance: take one capsule morning and one evening for 15 days per month in cure of 3 months.
2 plugs daily administration is optimal because the active principles of the cranberry are eliminated in 10 to 12 hours. It is recommended not to exceed the recommended daily intake.

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