Motima Resistim 20 sachets

Resistim combines essential oils to support your respiratory system.
Manufacturer: Motima


SKU 4428350 Motima Resistim 20 sachets

The Motima laboratory is specialized in the design and distribution of supplements, nutritional and topical of natural origin.


Resistim is an oral solution that helps improve the respiratory comfort. Is a combination of essential oils and extract of plants, selected for their disinfectant and balancing virtues:

  • Lavender: recognized for these antiseptic properties
  • oats: recognized for its stimulating and soothing
  • Ceylon cinnamon: antiseptic and tonic complete the action of lavender
  • eucalyptus: antiseptic a of the virtues of respiratory
  • savory: it is antibacterial and antiseptic

taking Resistim is especially recommended during seasonal changes , especially the winter period conducive to changes in temperature.

indications Resistim 20 sachets:

Resistim stimulates natural defenses in diseases mouth such as colds, influenza States, allergic rhinitis, irritation and respiratory and affections of the throat and mouth.

operating tips:

Take 2 to 4 packets per day, without food. Drink directly or diluted in a glass of sugar water. Also use mouth wash, gargle, then swallow.

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