Motima Pollergon 30 capsules

Pollergon contributes to the maintenance of an good memory and vitality.
Manufacturer: Motima


SKU 4874517 Motima Pollergon 30 capsules

Motima laboratory offers a range of dietary supplement of natural origin for the ills of daily.


In each period of our life, our physical and intellectual abilities are constantly solicited: exams, professional involvement, rhythms of life supported. With age, physical or mental exertion becomes more difficult, the memory and concentration decrease frequently. The Motima laboratory has developed Pollergon, a dietary supplement that helps maintain memory and vitality.

indications Motima Pollergon 30 capsules :

Pollergon caters to the whole family.

  • To children and adolescents, especially in exam period.
  • Adult, tired transient or before and after physical exertion.
  • To seniors in memory loss and concentration.
  • Plant origin capsules.

operating tips:

20 days program, at the rate of 3 capsules per day.
Cure to renew 4 times a year or every transient drop in physical or intellectual vitality.

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