Motima Gonaxine 30 tablets

Gonaxine contributes to the sexual development of torque.

Manufacturer: Motima

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Established in 1993, the MotiMa laboratory specializes in design and distribution in Pharmacy and parapharmacy of nutritional and topical of origin natural supplements


Gonaxine is a plant complex 200 mg of 5 plants (no soy), to maintain a harmonious balance of the essential functions of the body in women (menopause) and humans (andropause and prostatitis).

With age, hormone production tends to decrease, as well in women than in men. substitution hormones is now well known to curb this phenomenon, but it is not without risk. today, there is a method to help and support to deal with the failure of certain functions of the organization. Gonaxine satisfies his needs with naturally occurring assets and contributes to the sexual development of the couple.

indications Gonaxine 30 tablets:

The effectiveness of Gonaxine is the result of a synergistic action of all of the plants that make up:

  • alfalfa and Clary Sage: hot flashes and night sweats,
  • alfalfa, oats and Clary Sage: estrogen regulation,
  • Lady's mantle and Yarrow: regulation progestogenique,
  • Yarrow: antispasmodic and emmenagogue,
  • oats: irritability.
  • Contains no soy

operating tips:

It is recommended to take 2 to 6 tablets per day for meals. can also be used in relay of Gonaxine 300 for disorders related to the menopause.