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Monasens intimate 30ml lubricant

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SKU 4352316 Monasens intimate 30 ml lubricant


Monasens is a fluid lubricant, doubly moisturizing, non-hormonal, purified water, hyaluronic acid and vitamin PP based, intended to remedy the shortcomings of the vaginal secretions.


Monasens can be used in all cases where vaginal dryness causes feelings of gene, burns and pain that disrupt the daily life and make it difficult to sex. When the vagina is not sufficiently lubricated, penetration becomes difficult, which makes the report painful, if not impossible.

precautions for use:

Avoid contact with eyes.


Vulvo-vaginal dryness regardless of origin, including:

-pain during sexual intercourse, especially if there are psychological problems.

-in the case of vaginal atrophy in perimenopause or menopause.

- as oral contraceptive or other hormonal therapy.


in the pregnancy or surgical suites.

Monasens is not dealing, in the event of persistent vaginal dryness, consult a doctor.

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