Modilac Maribelle Milk 2nd Age 800g

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Manufacturer: Modilac


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After 6 months, infants begin to diversify their diets. They get introduced to new foods and milk becomes less of a priority. Nonetheless, it remains the main staple of children at this age. This follow-on milk is vital because even during the diversification fo their diet, milk intake must remain sufficient and suited to their young age.

2nd Age Milk differs slightly but importantly from the 1st Age Milk by containing more concentrated nutrients, except for lipids (i.e fats).

Milk Maribelle Modilac Expert is a follow-on milk for children from 6 to 12 months. It is adapted to the needs of babies at this age providing them with nutritional development.

Its formula contains:

  • Iron for the body's defences,

  • Fatty acids for its body,

  • Vitamins,

  • Calcium for the bones,

  • Proteins.

This follow-on milk therefore contains the same nutrients as 1st Age but their concentration is much more important to support the growth of babies.

Recommended Use:

Sterilise the bottle and capsule. Then fill the bottle with water (with a low mineral content). The water must be warm before adding the powder. Add the powder with the capsule as per 30ml of water. Close the bottle and shake strongly and roll between hands.

Before giving the bottle to your child, ensure that the temperature is acceptable by pouring a few drops on the wrist.


Keep the milk in a cool and dry place and use within 3 weeks of opening.






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