Modilac gluten-free cereal 300g

Modilac Gluten-free, the first baby of 8 months to 3 years cereals.

Manufacturer: Modilac

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SKU: 5111804 Modilac gluten-free cereal 300 g


The Cereals without Gluten Modilac laboratories have been specially developed to accompany gradually dietary diversification and meet the nutritional needs of your baby from 4 to 6 months and up to 3 years, in accordance with the regulations. The benefits of Modilac cereals without Gluten:

  • they contain Prebiotics, soluble fibers that promote the development of a protective intestinal flora.
  • Because that of your baby's digestive system is still immature, the manufacture of cereal utilizes a proprietary process of partial hydrolysis of starch: the dextrinisation. They are so easy to digest and assimilate.
  • Modilac cereals contain calcium, iron and 13 vitamins.

Without dye and preservative-free. Modilac cereals without Gluten is without added sugars, not used to your baby too sweet tasting. Thanks to its silky texture and its sweet flavor, Modilac cereals without Gluten wake baby to new flavors.

Modilac Sans Gluten operating tips:

Preparation Modilac cereals without Gluten bottle-feeding:

  • Prepare the bottle of infant milk warm and add the recommended amount of cereals.
  • Cap the bottle and shake to mix.
  • Check the temperature of the preparation on your wrist. Give immediately.
  • Wash carefully the bottle, ring, teat and cache-nipple immediately after the meal.
  • In order to avoid clogging of the nipple with cereal, you can use a suitable pacifier


Gluten, without dye, no preservatives, no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars).

94% dextrinisees cereal flour (rice, corn), fructooligosaccharides 3%, minerals (Ca phosphate, ferric sulphate), maltodextrin, vitamins (C, nicotinamide, E, pantothenate Ca, B6, riboflavin, thiamine, A, K, acid folic, biotin, D, B12), vanilla flavour (vanillin).