Modilac cereal baby cocoa 300g

Instant cereal for babies from 6 months and infants.
Manufacturer: Modilac
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Modilac cereal baby cocoa 300G


Developed dextrinisees cereals with Prebiotics, calcium and 13 vitamins to 8 cereals and cocoa. A restore with infant milk.

Using advice:

The grain must be replenished with the usual infant milk for your baby.

They require no cooking or added sugar.

Prepare cereal just before use.

After the meal, throw the rest of a preparation is not complete.

Bottle: make baby milk bottle warm and add the recommended amount of grain.

Close the bottle and shake to mix.

Before giving, check the temperature on your wrist.

From 6 months: 210 ml of infant milk + 4 tablespoons.

From 9 months: 240 ml of milk + 5 tablespoons.

In order to avoid that the pacifier becomes clogged with grain, you can use a suitable teat.

At the spoon: pour the warm milk in a bowl and add the recommended amount of grain.

Mix until you have a creamy texture and check the temperature.

From 6 months: 210 ml of infant milk + 7 tablespoons.

From 9 months: 240 ml of milk + 9 tablespoons.

The recommended amounts are given as an indication.

Adjust them depending on the desired texture.

One tablespoon shave = 4 to 5 g.

Contains gluten.

May contain traces of milk and nuts.


87% dextrinisees grain flour (wheat 85%, rice 0.24 percent, 0.24% rye, barley 0.24 percent, 0.24 percent, 0.24%, oats 0.24% millet, sorghum 0.24%), cocoa strongly defatted powder 5%, 3% fructo-oligosaccharides, extract of malt (rye, barley), phosphate of calcium, maltodextrin, vitamins (C, nicotinamide, E, pantothenate of calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, B6, A, folic acid, K, biotin, D, B12), aroma vanilla (vanillin).


Box of 300g

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