Modilac AR 6 to 18 months milk 900g

Milk recommended for children with problems of regurgitations. Learn more
Manufacturer: Modilac


SKU 4457593 Modilac AR 6 to 18 months milk 900g


Milk Modilac Ar 2nd age is recommended in cases of regurgitation of babies. Its formula thickened carob bean and corn starch thus preventing regurgitation problems.

This milk is a Dietetic food intended for special medical purposes pros infants from 6 to 18 months. He brings the nutritional needs that the baby needs and ensures a good development.

Modilac AR operating tips:

washing his hands. Sterilize the bottle and nipple. Fill the bottle with little mineralized and lukewarm water. Pour the number of pod corresponding (1 pod for 30ml). Dilute the powder by shaking. Control the temperature by pouring a few drops on the wrist.


Once prepared, it is recommended to consume the bottle in time. Discard the remainder of a bottle unfinished. Not to re-use.

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