Milk Mustela Cold Cream Nutri - protector 200ml body

Milk for the baby's body in order to nourish and soothe the skin of the baby from birth.

Manufacturer: Mustela

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SKU: 5443759 Body milk Mustela Cold Cream Nutri-protective 200 ml

Baby's skin, very thin, is particularly fragile. Therefore, it cannot use of too aggressive products intended for adults but priority care designed for him. Exposed to cold, the Sun and all aggressions, the baby's skin requires the greatest attention. It is essential to use care adapted to avoid irritation and redness.


Mustela laboratory specialises in care for the babies. He designed 4 ranges of products intended for infants: Mustela 9months, Mustela baby, Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics and Mustela solar.

Mustela baby range offers daily care for babies. It allows to preserve your baby's skin cell capital especially thanks to its formula enriched with lawyer perseose.

Mustela milk body is a Cold Cream nutri-protective care. It is intended for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to its enrichment in Cold Cream with ceramides, the cutaneous barrier is reinforced and the cell wealth is preserved.

In addition, the hydrolipidic film is reinforced and protected.

Its rich and creamy texture allows fast penetration in the skin and the delicately scented. It leaves supple, soft, moisturized and comfortable for a long time.

This milk nourishes and soothes the skin of the body of infants from birth.

This treatment improves the hydration of the skin from the first application.

Tips for using Mustela milk body:

The body to Cold Cream nutri-protective lotion can be used from birth.

Apply daily milk on the skin clean and dry baby, emphasizing the driest areas.


this treatment is paraben free and manufactured in France.

Produces hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological and paediatric control.

Throw the empty tube in the garbage bin.