Milical creams lean high protein 9 vegetable box 6

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SKU 4208364 milical creams slimming 9 vegetable box 6

14g of protein per bag.
Sources of fibre prebiotics.
Mineral essentials, calcium, magnesium and iron.
Vitamin antioxidant C and e.
99 kcal per bag.
New recipe slimming + flavor.

looking to slim down:
Milical 3.2.2 diet simple and effective for results visible of the 3rd day :
-3 days intensive to trigger the slimming process
-2 days progressive to confirm and stabilize the first results.
-2 days pre-equilibrated to find good habits food.

Milical 3.2.2 is an issue the Laboratories Milical innovation of the latest research scientists.
Renew this method every week until the effect desired.

looking keep your line:
-to offset excess: scratch gaps by adopting the meal after this Milical high protein soup to preserve your line without frustration.
-to maintain your figure : Consume this Milical high protein soup to feed your muscle mass at the expense of fat mass, before or after physical activity. -To play the shape and the well-being: thanks pre-biotic fibres
contained in this Milical high protein soup, preserve the balance of your intestinal flora at daily.

operating tips:
Preparation with a shaker:
Pour approximately 200 ml of water into the shaker, add the contents of the MILICAL bag, close the shaker and stir vigorously for 20 seconds.
Heat 1 minute in the microwave without closing the shaker.

Preparation without shaker (:
Pour approximately 200 ml of water into a bowl and add the contents of the MILICAL bag, stir vigorously with a fork.
Heat 1 minute in microwave.

milk protein emulsifier: soy lecithin), vegetable fibres: fructooligosaccharides, aromas (salt, acidifying: citric acid, lactose, wheat protein), polydextrose, mushroom dehydrated 2.5% (equivalent to 36% of fresh mushrooms including 3% of mushrooms); magnesium, minerals of milk and lactose, potassium, thickener, xanthan gum, maltodextrin, salt, parsley, zinc, iron, vitamins (C, E, A, D, B1, B2, B6, B9).

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