Milical Hyper-Protein Slimming Bars Pistachio 6 pack

Pistachio slimming bars with fiber, vitamins and minerals

Manufacturer: Milical

SKU: 4432239


Your slimming secret weapon: - All the pleasure and delight a true pistachio bar, with added protein. - Protein to lose weight more easily during dieting by tapping directly into body fat. - Fibre for your daily comfort. Milical pistachio bars provide more than 16% of the daily fiber intake recommended by nutritionists.

Recommended Use:

You can eat the Milical bar:- Every day as a simple snack: Take a light and delicious break without having to feel guilty for it. - Pre-empt or compensate for a meal: replace the previous meal with 2 bars accompanied by fruit or a salad. - Lose weight by integrating the Milical bar in the 3.2.2 method.Clinically tested, this method is simple and effective lasting one week.