Milical 45 + slimming global 28 tablets

Burns fat, reduces abdominal fat, reduces the excess water and firms the skin

Manufacturer: Milical

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SKU: 9768665 milical 45 + slimming global tablets 28

Properties: age 45 and older, for most women, the balance gets crazy. The gradual reduction of basal metabolism promotes the storage of fat. The functions of elimination of the body tend to slow down. Specially formulated to help the wife of 45 years to find his line and thus repel the ravages of time. Its formulation is based on the synergistic action of 4 extracts of plants with additional ingredients. They act in harmony to enable the destocking of fats, reduce abdominal fat and help maintain the tonicity of the skin. operating tips: 2 tablets per day, to take in the morning at breakfast with a glass of water. 2 weeks to renew regularly throughout the year. Composition: Association of specific excerpts: Clary, cocoa , Meadowsweet and Guarana