Meridol toothpaste Pack Double 2 x 75ml

SKU: 2545152 Meridol toothpaste Pack Double 2 x 75 ml

Description: Meridol toothpaste contains a unique combination of amines, the Olafluor fluoride, and stannous fluoride which action indirectly promotes the fight against problems of gums. thanks to the properties of its two active agents, Meridol is : directly in : eliminating plaque, inhibiting its reformation, indirectly by : contributing to reduce gingival inflammation (redness, swelling (, pain) Favouring the reduction of bleeding. moreover, two fluorides of Meridol strengthen the enamel of the teeth. Indications: toothpaste Meridol is recommended for daily hygiene of adults and children over 6 years. Meridol toothpaste can be used daily, without limit in time. formula: contains two fluorinated derivatives : Amines (Olafluor) 0.46% fluoride, stannous 0,44%.