Meridol Protection gums toothpaste white 75ml

Méridol gums toothpaste whiteness Protection acts as a balm to combat irritation of gums and promote the whiteness of the teeth

Manufacturer: Méridol

SKU: 8993188 Méridol Protection gum toothpaste 75 ml white


Méridol Protection gums toothpaste whiteness as a balm 75 ml, is to combat the irritation of the gums and promote the whiteness of the teeth. Its formula double antibacterial action is smoothly and efficiently to appease.It also helps to reduce gum bleeding, the formation of dental plaque, cavities.Gums are clean and healthy, the dental colorings are eliminated and the whiteness is restored.

Using advice:

It is recommended to brush your teeth after every meal.


Dental hygiene. Protection of the gums.