Meridol Halitosis toothpaste 75ml

Gel toothpaste for teeth and language fights the causes of bad breath

Manufacturer: Méridol

SKU: 9589388 Meridol Halitosis toothpaste 75 ml

Overview : halitosis (bad breath) originated mainly in the oral cavity and more particularly on the tongue. Thats why gel-toothpaste meridol HALITOSIS has been developed to clean both teeth as the language. Meridol Halitosis gel-toothpaste for teeth and tongue neutralizes the smelly compounds present in the oral cavity in order to combat the causes of halitosis. uses boards : brush your teeth with toothpaste gel as usual. For cleaning of the tongue, drop the equivalent of a pea of toothpaste gel on a tongue cleaner or a soft toothbrush, spread it out on the tongue, and then carefully remove from the rear towards the front. Rinse briefly with water. packaging : 75 ml