Mercurochrome varnish Stop nail-biting 9ml bottle

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Mercurochrome varnish Stop nail Ronges is used as a classical varnishes. It is an invisible bitter varnish which is indicated for gnawed and damaged nails. Indeed, thanks to its bitter formula it prevents nail biting and thumb-sucking.

In addition, it strengthens nails. Find you Holy nails and vibrant hands. Dermatologically.


For the nail-biting.

Operating tips:

It is used as a conventional varnish and apply on clean and dry nails. It is applied once daily after showering. It can be used as many times as necessary to find a nail reinforced and healthy. He retired with a classic solvent.


Alcohol, aqua, ethyl acetate, ethylcellulose ricinus communis seed oil, hydroxypropyl chitosan, denatonium benzoate, tocopheryl acetate.


Bottle-brush 9 ml