Mercurochrome Stop callus Double Action 20ml + grater

This treatment allows you to effectively remove the Horn and calluses.
Manufacturer: Mercurochrome


SKU 2050972


Eliminates calluses


The STOP calluses of laboratories Mercurochrome combines the effectiveness of its freezing and the Exfoliating action of her rape to effectively remove the Horn and calluses. Thanks to its double action, the results are visible from the first application: your feet are smooth and supple.

tips to use:

Do rotate the nozzle of the tube so that the arrow is positioned on it. Apply cream preferably in the evening, on rough areas of the foot using mouthpiece tube spatula. Massage in circles with the tip of the tube well emphasizing the heels and areas of friction with the shoe. Leave 3 minutes so that the gel acts on the skin. Grate the calloused areas with the mini-rape by gently rubbing horny and rough foot areas. Wipe feet with a handkerchief or cotton for example. Apply twice a week.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clear water. Not suitable for children less than 3 years. Do not apply to an injured or irritated skin. In case of irritation stop using the product. Is not suitable for pregnant women or lactating women. Do not press too hard on the tube. Do not attempt to remove important layers of skin at a time. This product is not suitable for diabetics or people suffering from venous circulatory disorders.


20 ml + rape

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