Mercurochrome protector onion

protection onion, adapts to all types of shoes, like walking left and right foot.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

SKU: 2050936 Mercurochrome protector onion


onion or Hallux Valgus, is an abnormal deviation of the big toe toward the other toes, which is accompanied by the development of a zone inflated on the side of the foot often painful walking.

protector onion Mercurochrome protects the onion of friction and pressure. Flexible, the onion guard adapts to all shapes of feet and footwear. This protection ensures maximum comfort all day long.

thanks to its full gel and its ergonomic shape, the onion discrete rest protector.

Mercurochrome protector onion tips:

this protection must be applied to a clean skin and dry. Wash with SOAP and warm water protector. It is possible to sprinkle talcum.