Mercurochrome patches relaxants heating box 2

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mercurochrome patches relaxants heating box 2


These heated patches have been developed to relieve muscle aches.

A patch broadcasts 8 hours of heat on the painful area technology Thermopatch, it soothes muscle aches in the back. When opening the cover protecting the patch, the mixture of charcoal and iron powder produces heat in contact with air. The patch relaxing heating Mercurochrome diffuse heat continuously for eight hours. This heat has recognized properties to soothe tense muscles and relieve muscle pain. Toxins naturally produced by the muscles are then more easily evacuated. First of all, the heat relaxes the muscles and provides a wellness. Muscle aches usually due to stress and static and repetitive work are relieved.

A patch has a size of 13 x 9, 5cm, it is particularly sweet with a protective fabric that respects the skin. It sticks easily and withdraws without pain. The flexible fabric allows you to track the movement of the body.

Tips for using patches heating Mercurochrome:

  • Open the pouch at the last moment because heat production is triggered immediately.
  • Apply to the painful area.
  • The application may be renewed if necessary. Adults and children from the age of 7.